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Synology Data Replicator has reached the end of its lifespan. See this article and find your alternative way. Взято отсюда, Synology Data Replicator has reached the end of its lifespan in SinceSynology Data Replicator has not been updated again and its download links have been removed from the utility page for newer products in Download Center.

It integrates the basic functions of file sharing, centralized backup, RAID storage, multimedia streaming, virtual storage. Then, you need to configure local users and give them the priority of the shared folder you made before. The first way is to windows 10 backup software synology free download data via DiskStation Manager and Windows built-in tool.

In Windows 7, you can use Backup and Restore. But if you want an easier way, you can directly go to the next part. Then, Let’s have a closer at how DiskStation Manager and built-in tool works. The shared folders are the basic directories where you can store and manage files and folders on your Synology NAS. Before storing any files, you’ll need to create at least one shared folder in DSM.

Step 1. Step 3. Select a storage for your shared folder and tick other options, then click OK. Go to Control Panelthen click User to summon the next window. Step 2. Specify windows 10 backup software synology free download on the user information page, including Name, DescriptionEmailSend a notification mail to the newly created userdisallow the user to change account password.

Step 4. Step 5. Step 7. Specify which services your newly created user can access the Assign application permissions page. Click Start menu and type Backup and Restore in the search box, then select it from the start menu list. Select Set up backup or Change setting on the backup and restore page. Select Save on a network button and click Nextthen type the IP address of your Synology NAS and select the shared folder you created to save your file backup.

At last, click OK to finish this step. Click More options to configure other settings. After that, click Back up now. Want an easier way, you can turn to a third-party backup software. Let’s see the steps specifically. Back windows 10 backup software synology free download the main page, click Schedule and OK to enable daily incremental backup. It’s the default backup settings in this software. Then, click Start Backup button to finish.

To ensure the most backups are valid, you could consider using daily differential backup supported by the professional version. With it, you can backup to various storage device, including NAS, cloud storage device, external hard нажмите чтобы перейти, etc.

And you can enjoy more features during the process, including Daily Backup, Weekly Backup, Event-trigger backup, etc. Synology Data Replicator’s lifespan has come to an end People used to backup data using Synology Data Replicator with three backup modes: Immediate, Sync, and Scheduled.

Specify windows 10 backup software synology free download name and description of your new shared folder. Create DSM local user for preparation Step 1. Step 6. Specify a storage space for your newly created user on the User quota setting page. Step 8. Specify a speed limit for different services on the Group Speed Limit Setting page. Step 9. Click Apply after you confirm all settings. Do you need any more help?

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Windows 10 backup software synology free download.Preserve your digital assets


Secure all your precious data from PC, laptop to portable devices, keeping all your backups in one place, safe and sound. Preserve your digital assets. Preserve your digital assets Secure all your precious data from PC, laptop to portable devices, keeping all your backups in one place, safe and sound. Safeguard every digit of your data. Mobile devices All the memories captured through photos and videos will be well categorized on your NAS.

No need to restore the whole backup file just to retrieve one deleted file. Simply access and bring back your files via File Station or the restore portal. Version history lets you recover your files easily when they are accidentally deleted, lost, or updated too early up to 32 versions with Synology Drive.

Learn more Automatically back up your computer whenever a file is modified or trigger a backup task based on your custom schedule. Keep deduplicated versions of your backed up files to safeguard important data from threats such as ransomware. Select a timestamp and restore a specific file version on your own, without having to bother IT administrators.

With the self-service recovery portal from Active Backup for Business, you can select one individual file you need from massive amounts of files, without restoring the whole system. Portable device protection Enable Photo Backup in Moments mobile app and back up all your precious memories to your NAS, preserving all your metadata on-premises while keeping original photo quality. Learn more NAS protection : One copy is not enough to you? Learn more about how to further protect data on your NAS.

Learn more Cross-office syncing : Need to sync data between two studios? Check this solution for cross-office synchronization. Learn more. Contact Us Inquire regional sales for more details.

Where to buy Find a Synology partner in your region. Compare all NAS models Find the perfect match for your needs.


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Hyper Backup Back up folders, system settings, and software packages from your Synology NAS to a wide range of destinations, while saving space with compression and deduplication. Flexible backups Keep your backup plans as simple as possible with powerful customization features in Hyper Backup. Scheduling Automatically run backups at convenient times to make sure data is optimally protected.

Multi-versioning Retain as many backup versions as you need, while drastically reducing storage use with block-level incremental backup. Flexible backup rotation Configure custom backup rotation policies to delete older backups automatically. Efficient and reliable Advanced options help you boost the security and effectiveness of your backups. Deduplication Minimize storage consumption and backup times by removing duplicate copies of data.

Encryption and compression Industry-standard AES encryption protects data against unauthorized access. Usage statistics Track monthly or annual storage usage, and get alerted when the system detects excessive usage. Integrity checks Schedule checks to detect corrupted data and ensure that your backups are accessible when you need them. It has numerous features that you can benefit from:. Step 1. Open this freeware, click Backup , then choose File Backup.

Step 2. Also, you can rename it for Task Name box to help you distinguish it from other backups. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Thus, the main steps of backup to Synology are already set up.

You can customize more advanced settings according to your actual needs to make your backup tasks more efficient. If you want to encrypt your backup files, click Enable encryption for backups. Upgrade to the Professional edition. You can choose daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers or USB plug in mode according to your needs. The last two modes are available in Professional version. Also you can enable automatic backup cleanup to help you manage your hard disk storage space in a scheduled backup task, which will delete old backup images automatically with selected cleanup methods to free up space.

Step 6. After all the settings, confirm your backup task and then click Start Backup. You can learn the best Synology backup software for Windows from this page to backup computer files and system data to Synology. This way, your data is stored securely on the NAS and is also manageable. AOMEI Backupper is an all-in-one software that not only has backup and restore functions, but also integrate clone, sync and other tools.

With its help, you can easily clone Windows 11 to another hard drive without effort. Active Backup for Business.

Specifications Applied models. DiskStation Manager. Active Backup for Business Manage backup tasks for physical and virtual environments from a centralized dashboard to keep data and services always available. Centralized data protection Discover how Active Backup for Business is helping over , organizations worldwide secure more than , on-premises workloads. Comprehensive platform support Achieve effective data protection through wide platform compatibility, and speed up recovery with the restoration method that fits your needs the best.

Backups made easy Leverage intuitive tools to simplify data protection throughout the entire infrastructure. Unified dashboard Boost productivity by configuring and monitoring backup tasks centrally. Reporting and notifications Receive alerts and customized reports on the status of backups.

Quick deployment Configure settings only once thanks to convenient backup templates. Efficient infrastructure Get the most out of your Synology deployment with flexible options and advanced technologies.

Manage bandwidth intelligently Schedule backups during off-peak hours and limit the transmission speed to avoid network congestion. Maximize storage availability Take advantage of block-level incremental backups and data deduplication to minimize backup time and storage consumption.

Security first Protect backed up data against unauthorized access at every step of the process. Encrypted backups Secure backup destinations with AES encryption to shield them against data breaches or physical theft.

Admin delegation Enable administrators to grant regular users the right to operate packages without compromising security in DSM.


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